Couples Counseling

Relationships go through many changes during their life cycle, and how we manage those changes as a couple directly impacts the quality of that relationship. As we grow individually, we also grow as a couple, and sometimes this can be in different directions, which does not mean that a couple cannot be successful, despite their differences. The foundation of any relationship is built on communication, trust, and respect for one another. Often communication can deteriorate over time, and when this happens the foundation of the relationship begins to erode, followed by the slow demise of trust and respect.

Everyday stressors, such as balancing work and spending quality time with your partner, to buying a house, having a child, moving house, one partner returning to school, financial stress, loss of job, parenting struggles, sleep deprivation, unequal division of labor in the home, poor nutrition and exercise, serious health conditions, and infidelity, can cause the slow breakdown of any relationship.

When two people are committed to taking an honest look at the breakdown in their relationship through couples counseling, each partner can be heard in a safe, accepting, and non-judgmental environment. Couples counseling will encourage ownership and responsibility from both partners for the breakdown in the relationship, and working toward repair through reflection. When partners are committed to couples counseling work the potential for success and longevity within the relationship improves dramatically.

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